Saturday, November 2, 2019

The old barn schop 2

Hello dear readers, well I did a great job working on the store. Made many prints and made smaller in wordpad program so that everything fits nicely on the bottles and jars. I also made my own prints for the cookies and potato bags.
I searched for blank labels on the internet, then I put the words in with a photo program and make it smaller.
And yet it seems that something is missing ... but what?

I have made bottles with fruit juice, bought the jam jars and vegetables, the apples, oranges made with fimo.
 The opening in the crate on the left ... I made it a little larger for a window and closed the opening on the right.


  1. Your old barn shop is stunning! A wonderful autumn project and great work!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Un gran trabajo, te preguntas si falta algo¿una mesa con caja registradora,bolsas o papel de envolver?, seguro que irás encontrando detalles que puedas ir incorporando .Buen fin de semana:-)

  3. Your old barn shop is fantastic. Everything is well prepared.

  4. Oh Gonda the shop is absolutely charming! I LOVE every little detail from the ceiling beams to the artfully arranged foods and goods! Your packaging turned out wonderfully! I am so happy that you were able to work out a solution for them! The finishes on the shelves, vegetable bin and table are perfect! Your Fimo skills are admirable! The only thing I can guess that is missing is the counter with cash register, but I bet you have an incredible plan for that! Wonderful work and such a fun filled shop!

  5. Qué bonita se ve! Yo también echo de menos un mostrador en el centro; eso haría que la tienda gane mucho más todavía. Puedes poner en el la caja registradora y una balanza. El expositor de verduras me encanta!! ♥

  6. Todo lo que hay hasta ahora está genial.

  7. Que bonita está tu tienda!! Has trabajado maravillosas verduras,las cajas,botes,paquetes...todo queda armonioso y detallado en las estanterías,un gran trabajo!!
    Sí,yo también añadiría un mostrador con la caja registradora,una balanza,las bolsas con el nombre de la tienda...seguro que encuentras cosas para añadir!!


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