Saturday, March 16, 2024

1:24 shoe house finished

 Dear readers, the shoe house is ready and it was verry nice to do.

So I worked a lot with self-drying clay, such as the roof and the outside, and the plant against the wall painted and glued with green and yellow powder

It was quite a hassle to get the lace into the shoe, drilled holes in the clay and it worked

All furniture  I made of stir sticks and a semi-circular bench in the tip of the shoe, unfortunately I can't hang anything on the wall there because everything is round.

In between I crocheted a few new mice and they sit wonderfully on a homemade garden bench

In the bedroom I covered the walls with fabric and I made sink.
And a small garden with flowers and potting soil made from tea, glued in place

Well the mice are enjoying themselves on their balcony.


  1. Wonderful! A small fairytale house.

  2. ¡Está espectacular! Me encanta todo lo que has hecho. El exterior muy creativo e ingenioso.

  3. Hi Gonda! The Shoe House is Adorable!!! The bench in the toe is such a cute idea, and the kitchen looks so charming! Your little mice are very sweet and look right at home! This is a great project!

  4. Gonda tu casa-bota ha resultado fantástica! Me gusta tanto el interior como el exterior, qué bonito trabajo!!

  5. Te ha quedado fantástica, me encanta el resultado !!!!
    Y además se la vé muy espaciosa.


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