Monday, March 23, 2020

Kitchen unit 1:24

Hello dear readers, I decided to remake the kitchen block too, I made these from paint stirrer sticks, very nice wood.
I made the dish from a miniature biscuit tin and the tap from a piece of earring the cooker piece of wood and thumbtacks,  maybe i will make a oven under the cooker.   And a bench made for the dining table.

I wisch you all a lot of strength and health in this Corona crissis, be careful and stay at home as much as possible.


  1. que difícil me parece esta escala ...

  2. Te digo como Carmen, una escala muy complicada. Yo he montado algunos kits y para mi tiene muchísima dificultad, cuanto más para hacer tus propios diseños. Te felicito porque tus muebles están quedando maravillosos :) Cuídate mucho, Gonda!

  3. You have turned paint sticks into masterpieces! The kitchen looks absolutely charming! And the flowers are so uplifting! Are they pansies?
    I love the wallpaper, too!

  4. Esa cocina se ve perfecta!Buena idea utilizar la madera de los palos agitadores,es muy buena y manejable!
    Ánimo y a cuidarse.

  5. ¡Estupendo lo que has montado hasta ahora con una escala tan pequeña!

  6. The kitchen looks fantastic.
    Thake care.

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