Sunday, November 24, 2019

Cupboard and armchair

Dear readers, I am already well on my way with the Christmas room. First I pimped a cupboard with gray / blue chalk paint, well this went fine,  chalk paint is very nice to paint with.
After that it was the turn of the chair, which is quite difficult, first removed the old upholstery and dismantled it.
I still had a nice dark blue handkerchief lying around (a bit like the color of the primitive) and glued around it, I don't like the sides so well ... but maybe I will do it again.

 O what a misery..haha

And this with the new fabric.


  1. I love the new hutch color and finish combination! And there's nothing as fun as a puzzle to solve! The chair fabric and pillow are charming and I am excited to see them in the room!

  2. The freshly painted hutch looks just fabulous. I like what you have done with the cover for the chair and the wee contrasting pillow. This is no doubt going to be a very cosy little room.

  3. Great work! The room will be so cosy.

  4. me gustan los colores que has elegido,se ve muy bonita la alacena.El sillón con esa tela queda fenomenal,si no te gustan los lados,prueba a ponerles algo,seguro que encuentras la manera de estar contenta con él!

  5. I love the fabric for the armchair and the colour for the cupboard. Great work!

  6. great job - the projects are wonderful.

  7. Perfect colors for these pieces of furniture.
    You are doing a great job!
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Muy bonitos los colores. Me gusta mucho el armario.

  9. The new colour on the hutch was a Very Pretty choice and the new slipcover for the armchair looks Great! but matching the plaid must have been quite a job!


  10. The cupboard turned out gorgeous. It's very difficult to work with stripes and blocks in upholstery, and in miniature it's even worse. I think you did a great job with the chair.

  11. Los tonos que has elegido son muy bonitos.
    Un saludo

  12. Vas genial!!! Va a quedar un rincón muy acogedor, ya lo puedo imaginar :)
    Un abrazo, Gonda!


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