Monday, June 30, 2014

The living room

Hello dear readers, and a little bit further.... 
I have quite a lot of mini stuff but this house is 1:18 and I have to make many mini's smaller, and sometimes takes that a long time or  sometimes it can go a bit wrong and I need to start again as with these chairs.
The chairs I made smaller and then it would not work well with the paint etc...So again sanding and staining...
The cushions in the seats and the shawl, I hooked.
On the table is a vase with real flowers, gypsophila, nice and small and easy to dry. I hope it's the good name for it in englisch?

As you can see, this side of the room is not quite the same as in the movie it is also a bit of myself .
In the window actually hear a bird cage, but the cage I have is too big so I need to find something about it....


  1. Hello Gonda,
    Great to see your progress on this project. The proportions are perfect. I love the shawl on the chair.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. het ziet er al heel gezellig uit, leuk die sjaal op het stoeltje.
    en prachtig zeg die bloemen. wat een goed idee.
    groetjes Marja

  3. Si difícil es trabajar en 1:12 ha escala aún más pequeña es mucho más. Te felicito porque te ha quedado preciosa y perfecta.

  4. Veo que tus progresos a esta escala tan pequeña son perfectos,se ve precioso este nuevo rincón!!!

  5. Bonita escena. Muy realista. Me encanta como queda el chal.

  6. Hello Gonda,
    The room is just beautiful. Very warm and welcoming. You are doing a good job adapting the furniture that is too big, but I must say the shawl is what caught my attention.
    Big hug,

  7. Wat een gezellige kamer Gonda!


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Greetings Gonda.