Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dutch sod hut

This is the first house I made, a Dutch cabin/hut (2007).
Poor people lived in these huts in Holland in earlier times, the peat workers/ peat diggers, it was a very poor and hard life
This house I made it's to pretty to nice, I have made it from plywood the roof is coconut fiber, in reality there was  grass turf/sod on the roof.
see also >> translate it with Google please.


  1. Gonda, I love that you made this hut a nice home to live. Poor people can also live in a nice place sometimes. :)

    I am also building an abandoned house and the exterior is a little like the one in the 1st pic. Mine has been transformed though :).

  2. Your house looks really cozy. Very nice.
    Greetings from Lil in Sweden

  3. Wonderful house very nice! A happy new year!

  4. I love your hut. Humble but cosy. Your work is superb, as usual. Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Mooi Gonda! Ik ben wel eens in zo'n huisje geweest in een openluchtmuseum...brrr, zo donker en ongezellig...jouw huisje ziet er dan wel een stuk leuker uit ;-)

  6. hey gonda leuk om ff terug te zien ;) een fantastisch 2013 gewenst,mail je volgende week ff..bijna geen verbinding hier op laptopje ..nog paar daagjes vakantie ;-))

  7. Es una casa muy acogedora aunque digas que sus gentes eran pobres. Besos

  8. Hola Gonda
    Es un preciosa casita, se ve muy acogedora.
    Fue una linda idea.
    Una adorable casita para gente humilde.
    besitos ascension


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