Friday, June 24, 2011

The roof

I would prefer a special roof on my L-cabin something with natur, but what .....

I got a idea, I had 3 large pine cones ( American I think)? but 3 it's not enough for the whole roof. So where get I 2 more pine cones in summer ( Holland only at Christmas) I ask and look at different flouwer shops but no,no.
Wednesday I was working with the roof to gleu the pine cone pieces, so sad.... not enough, I have to wait until winter to finish it, but in my hart still hoping and praying for 2 more pine cones.

So next day ( Thursday) going to a other flouwer shop and YES!.... they have 2 pine cones for me, this is a miracle, I was so happy, happy and finish the roof, and I love my roof it's wonderful!


  1. Wat een leuk idee!! Ik heb zoiets ook al eens op een elfenhuis gezien, stond ook zo geweldig!
    En heerlijk natuurlijk dat je nog 2 denneappels vond...zou jammer zijn geweest als je het niet af had kunnen maken!

  2. haha toch voor de dakpannetjes ;)))
    gaaf resultaat gonda ... nou hier verkouden van onder de brievenbus liggen
    nou en nu ..hup ...aan de snijwerkjes !!
    gr Edward
    p.s. check mail

  3. Plas...plas...aplausos para tu idea tan genial.
    Me encanta como te esta quedando ese tejado.
    Me alegro que hayas conseguido las piñas para poder encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. ¡Gonda que hermoso!! Y que buena idea , te ha quedado precioso!!!
    Un abrazo

  5. Gonda,I congratulate the idea!This well-invented

  6. Gonda, I would have sent you the pine cones if you couldn't find them. They're all over my neighborhood! This pinecone idea is great for a roof--I love it!

  7. woman! You are monstrously clever!:))
    I have never said to you? I love the way you work with wood, and your boundless imagination ..
    the roof is amazing, I never would have imagined anything better, you've been kissed by luck, and I'm happy for you!
    kisses and good Sunday!

  8. Dear Gonda, time, lately, is a tyrant, and I have neglected a little the blog comments, but I've been following your work with passion and I have to say that proceeding with the usual skill and ideas absolutely brilliant!
    I have to learn many things from you :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  9. Amazing! A pine cone roof? Wonderful idea

  10. Dit is echt super, n heel mooi dak geworden, heel toepasselijk bij dit huis, kon niet beter!
    * marlies


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