Friday, June 10, 2011

Lundby cabin / Doors

When I bought this old Lundby house there were no more doors in it.
So how to do I think..... I have to made ( gleu ) a new rebate on the existing rebate ( I hope rebate is the good word of it ).
And I found in the barn wood thats the same as the orginal doors ( lucky I am ),
so I saw/cut new doors of it
I made the doors between the new rebate with a pinhead ( see picture above )
so the doors can open and close

And this is the door in the front ( outside door ? ).


  1. Gonda ha sido una genial idea, asi podras abrir y cerrar las puertas como te interese mas.
    Estas haciendo un precioso trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  2. gaaf werk, handig hé zo'n schuur waar wat voorraad hout ligt ;)mooi verstekwerk in de deur..nou het huis krijgt een mooie make-over..
    leuk hoor ...
    ook hier ;) fijn pinksterweekend gewenst!
    gr Edward

  3. Nice work, and nice blog! So glad I found you today!

  4. Hello Gonda!

    You have given me much hope for the house I am buying. It is also missing doors. I hope mine will be half as nice as yours.



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