Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow owl 1

Late last year (2010) I received by mail from a good Dutch e-mail friend two pieces basswood, try this he says, much better for wood carving, and he's right, much better!

See my results so far, much remains to be done,sandpaper,lttle color eyes and claws.

The snowy owl is especially a tundra owl.
In severe winters he sometimes observed in the Netherlands or Belgium.

His range is far North Asia,Europe and North America.
With a length of 60 cm and a wingspan of more than one meter he is able to kil large prey.
The legs are swathed in a long feather trousers with continues until the claws, he as yellow eyes and his feathers are white with brown spots, the male and the older one's are more white
Source; wikipedia.


  1. Gonda, I think your owl is going to be beautiful. I am full of admiration for your wood curving.

  2. Wauw Gonda, wat wordt ie mooi!!!

  3. These are so lovingly done. You must love your work and the birds just the same. Great job.

  4. nou ja ... hij is al bijna klaar :-D ..zit te genieten hier !! hij is gaaaaaf ... knap werk!

    gr Edward

  5. What a fantastic job!
    I love the owl :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  6. That already looks so great! You are very talented.

  7. Gonda Nadie como tu!!! para labrar de esa forma la madera ¡Simplemente maravilloso!!!!
    Un abrazo

  8. Ohhh wat prachtig!! Knap hoor :)


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