Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wooden miniatur's - august 2010

I'm so glad I made a teddy bear of wood, I love it.
It looks like a old bear so I don't use sandpaper, I like him.
He can also move his arms and legs, made this with knife and Dremel.

And a nice flouwer pot doll, but I made it of wood,terragotta paint, moss and put some flowers on it.


  1. Mijn favoriet...ik vind het beertje echt prachtig!!!!!!!

  2. I love them very much much!!!!congratulations!

  3. Gracias por tu felicitación en mi blog, el osito me parece muy bonito, te ha quedado muy bien y muy original en el material que lo has hecho, felicidades.
    Feliz año nuevo



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