Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas founds

I found these little Christmas dolls on the Christmas market in our village, so sweet.

And these 6 rocking horses on a red ribbon, they only need a new tail.


  1. good buy! horses are fabulous! now we need a beautiful tail! I would like to have one of them ...
    You've had great luck in the market ... Here not even the shadow of nice items to buy for the doll houses, I envy you ... :((

  2. Leuke popjes zijn dat..ik heb er eentje bij mijn kerstkraam staan!
    En die paardjes zijn ook leuk om als hobbelpaardje te gebruiken...alhoewel jij waarschijnlijk ook wel zelf een mooie kan snijden!!! ;-)

  3. Hi Gonda, here I am!
    I just updated the address of your blog: you have to excuse the delay, I'm overwhelmed by family obligations and my head in the clouds ...
    You know we have the same horse? I've repainted, maybe later I publish the photo :-)
    A big hug


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